hi readers..sorry for no long see.i'm very busy right now cause what..i don't know..haha..ok stop.alyaum/today/harini/ saya dpt cium hajaratul aswad buat kali ketiga kali nye..mmg sng je nk cium hajaratul aswad buat mse ni..bratur je lpas tu 5 minit dpt la cium..tp mse org umrah x dtg agi la..klu ade jemaah umrah dtg mmg x dpt la..khamis lpas dpt cium for kali kdua and for the first time i got when after i do the tawaf  when i was come back from malaysia to makkah last year..alhamdulillah..i got kissed hajaratul aswad when i was young..some person did not get it..alhamdulillah again..


p/s:till here..got to go now..if i have time i will bw to all blog,right now i'm so busy..sorry..
i don't know why today i wrote in english so many..=>